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I Has a Couch! 
14th-Jan-2013 10:01 pm
and a coffeetable on order, expected later this week. Of course the first thing I do after getting things settled is sit down on the couch with laptop and cola, then spill cola all over everything! Only a little on the couch - wiped up all right - and I wasn't terribly concerned about the carpet - it's already got stains I haven't been able to get out - but the laptop worried me. I tipped it over (spilling the cola from the laptop to the carpet) and propped it face-down to encourage any drips to fall out rather than in. So far, it seems okay, and the couch has good cushions and good lines, so it should be relatively easy to reupholster when I'm ready to do all that work to make my living room furniture match. I'll be looking for slipcovers in the interim.

In other news, I hit my one-year anniversary at work last month, which automatically conferred on me the one week's worth of vacation that full-time employees are given. What's weirder to me is that it's annual by calendar, not by personal anniversary, so they told me it had to be used by February 1, because I get another week's vacation after that, for use between this February and next. As a result, I'm off the rest of this week. (At least officially. They asked me today if I might come in this week if they called? I said maybe, because I'd already started making plans.)

The vacation is handy. Work is finally starting to settle down from the holiday-season-in-retail chaos, though I just signed up to take a temporary (six month) promotion which will probably have me pretty busy. The idea, though, is to make use of this time for house stuff and Meetups. It was going to be better-job-hunting/business-starting, but since I just accepted a six-month responsibility, that's kind of on the back burner. Still want to get business going, but it'll have to be in the spaces between.

The washer has developed an intermittent leak, or it could be the connection, because there are stains on the floor from before I bought the house. The garage door spring broke about a month ago; dad and brother came and replaced it for me. It was a bit of a shock, being unable to get my car out of the garage because it would only open about three inches. I had to ask my brother to take me to work that day (late, of course), then dad and brother helped get the door open long enough to get the car out. I've gotten spoiled, being able to get in the car without worrying about rain and such, but I certainly preferred parking in the driveway over being unable to leave.

Yukihito is well and truly gone. I've seen neither hide nor hair of him, other than tufts of fur left behind on his favorite chair from before. I'm annoyed, and I miss him, but there are limits to how much running around I can do. He was an outdoor stray for nearly a year before I took him in; I can only hope he found accommodations more to his liking. I do want to get other cats, but I have a lot of balls in the air right now, and I'm inclined to wait until I can resolve some of them.

I have stopped fostering cats. The three I had intended to adopt were too high-energy for indoors, no matter what the others say, and the kittens ruined the floor in the spare bedroom. I'd expected them to ruin the carpet, but not to soak through the carpet and padding to destroy the hardwood flooring underneath. I was quite annoyed. I can't really fix the flooring, and I'm not sure what a potential roommate would think.

On the other hand, I've also been wanting to grow a number of tropical plants (edible ones), and since I can't really afford to build a complete greenhouse just yet, I'm thinking of turning that bedroom with the ruined floor into a sort of greenhouse. (leaving me one room to get a roommate, still) I'll need grow lights, since the windows won't let in enough light by themselves, but climate control will already be settled, since the plants like temperatures in the same range I find comfortable.

I'm also intending to try to raise rabbits for meat and fur, but that'll be in the garage or out back, not inside the house, and there are so many other issues to tackle first!

The folding dining room style chairs I saw at Costco are gone, so I'll have to figure out something else for family room seating. It's not really laid out for permanent seating, but the camp chairs aren't really all that comfortable long-term, so the folding wooden ones seemed the best choice. I'll have to see what I can find.

I have also discovered that part of my foot pain may be from the fact that my formerly-ridiculously-high arches have fallen to be really low arches; apparently, walking on tiptoe develops high arches, and since I always used to walk around the house barefoot and on tiptoe, well. So I've been making a point of walking tiptoe when I can. Mom also gave me a can of tennis balls to use as foot rollers, and I've also noticed a significant difference in the level of pain based on whether I've gotten a full eight hours of sleep at night - not something I usually do, but apparently I need to.

And now, I'm really tired, so I'm going to call this good for now.
15th-Jan-2013 07:56 pm (UTC)
Oh hai! Good to hear from you. Glad to hear the job and everything is going well!
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